Chi Nguyen (UBA)

By the Levy Khintchine formula, any Levy process can be represented as the sum of a linear drift, a Brownian motion and a pure jump process which captures all jumps of the original process. Hence, a continuous Levy process must be a Brownian motion with drift, i.e., of the type L_t=at+\sqrt{\kappa}B_t, where a\in R and B_t is a standard, one-dimensional Brownian motion. In a recent work [DHLZ15], the generalized integral means spectrum have been introduced and computed in the case of SLE_\kappa, which corresponds to a Brownian driving function. The aim of this work is to generalize the results of [DHLZ15] in the presence of a non-zero drift term, i.e., for a driving function of the form L_t=at+\sqrt{\kappa}B_t.

Joint work with Bertrand Duplantier, Yong Han and Michel Zinsmeister.

[DHLZ15] Bertrand Duplantier, Xuan Hieu Ho, Thanh Binh Le and Michel Zinsmeister, Logarithmic Coefficients and Multifractality for Whole Plane SLE. arXiv preprint 2015

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