Nucleus members take part in the video “Bellos Conceptos: Un Paseo Poético por la Matemáticas”

The Nucleus took part in the conception, development and funding of the video Bellos Conceptos, Un Paseo Poético Por Las Matemáticas. The video presents four areas in mathematics to the general public through animations, images and explanations by faculty members at the Dept. of Mathematical Engineering of  U. de Chile, and it is conducted by Cristián Warnken, who throughout the video connects the differen subjects to poetry. A Nucleus associate investigator, Daniel Remenik, took part in the section devoted to randomness. The video was filmed as part of the celebration of the 50 year anniversary of  of the Dept. of Mathematical Engineering of  U. de Chile, and is available at

20 / Apr / 2016

Nucleus members will present their research at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics

The Nucleus Principal Investigator, Alejandro Ramírez, will give an invited talk at the International Congress on Mathematical Physics, the main international congress on this subject, held every three years. The ICMP 2015 will be held in July in Santiago, Chile. In this occasion, he will present his latest results on random walks in random environement.

Additionally, in the framework of the Young Researchers Syposium of the ICMP 2015, Roberto Cortez, Ph.D. student of our Nucleus, will present his the results of his thesis on particle systems and the Bolztmann equation, obtained in collaboration whis advisor and Associated Investigator of the Nucleus, Joaquín Fontbona.

14 / Jan / 2015

Nucleus researcher will talk at CIMPA School in Buenos Aires

Nucleus Associate Investigator Daniel Remenik will give an invited talk at the CIMPA School “Random processes and optimal configurations in analysis”, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on July 6-17, 2015. He will speak about recent joint work with Gia Bao Nguyen, a Nucleus postdoc, on non-intersecting Brownian bridges and their connection with the Laguerre Orthogonal Ensemble.

14 / Jan / 2015
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