Manuel Gonzalez (Universidade de Sao Paulo)

We study the low-temperature phase diagram for a two-dimensional ferromagnetic Ising model, with a periodical external magnetic field. The external field takes two values: $h$ and $-h$. The sites associated with positive and negative values of external field mimic a configuration like a chessboard with rectangular cells of sides $L_1\times L_2$ sites, such that the total value of the external field is zero.

As a main result, we apply the reflection positivity method to show the presence of a first-order phase transition. In addition, we obtain a region of uniqueness for Gibbs measure, using a uniqueness condition obtained in terms of disagreement percolation.

Joint work with Eugene Pechersky (IITP/RAS) and Anatoly Yambartsev (IME/USP)

Sala 5, Facultad de Matemáticas, Puc Chile, 17:00 hrs.

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